Post-Summit Report | Virtual Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit 2021

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That’s a wrap on the Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit! A huge thank you to all our great speakers, sponsors, audience members, and partners.

The Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit on 23 June 2021 was a part of the CXO Innovation summit featuring high-quality content from the top solution providers and market-leading industry companies. The event also ran parallel to the Chief Transformation Officer Summit.

At a glance, we discussed:

· Embedding Customer Centricity into the Customer Journey

· Leveraging Emerging Technology Tools & Infrastructure to Enhance Customer Experience & Loyalty

· How Chatbots Can Help Win Customers as a part of a CX Strategy

· Advanced Strategies for Delivering Impactful Content by Analysing Real-time Customer Feedback

· Analysing Customer Journeys to Improve Retention and Engagement

· Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail – The Role of Tech in Prohibiting or Enabling Customer Experience Goals

· Despair to Delight – Leveraging Emotions in Customer Experience

One of the many benefits of a live summit comes from the audience’s ability to engage directly with thought-leader speakers during the Q&A sessions. At the summit we had over 30 questions come in during the fireside chats, interactive panel discussions and lightning talks. Thank you to all the curious minds out there!

Here are some notable quotes:

How personalised and how specific your messages are really important in improving the efficacy of the existing customer funnel. Different customers respond differently to the same message and it’s influenced by many factors including the time that customer has been with you.

Ivy Esquero

Director, Head of Enterprise Brand & Loyalty Marketing, APAC – Hilton

Customer decisions are becoming more emotional than rational. In the past we were communicating the value we’re offering as to why they should choose us. Today and in the future, it’s more about how you emotionally connect with your customers.

Wadim Schreiner

Head of Customer First & Customer Insights – Woolworths NZ

Customer experience is about the perceptions across all the various touchpoints that collectively add up to form a customer’s view of a company. Hence, companies need to understand and analyse their customer data with technologies such as AI to be able to deliver a superior experience.

Hong-Chia How

Senior Director, Enterprise Solutions, SouthEast Asia & India – Appier

Automation is necessary in dealing with huge volume of queries but people looking at data cannot be replaced so we need that human touch. It’s a mix of art & science where the automation helps our people to do their jobs easier which is to orchestrate the harmony.

Siew Ting Foo

Chief Marketing Officer, Greater Asia – HP Inc

For an employee to deliver great customer experience, they should possess two feelings as Courage & Compassion. Courageous employees stand for the company’s values, set a standard of excellence by understanding the context of the customer and being the advocate for the customer internally. And compassion taps the emotional intelligence of employees and helps build a customer centric culture based on employees’ natural empathy.

Kalpana Ajayan

Independent Consultant & Former Group Head of Customer Experience

Once again, thanks to everyone who tuned in to the Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit and shared a moment of learning and networking with us. For those who couldn’t make it to our live sessions and felt like you’ve missed out, don’t worry, you still have the opportunity to relive the summit on-demand here. Check the upcoming edition here:

Finally, the registration for our sister event the Virtual MarTech Summit on 24 & 25 August is now open and is focused on Digital Experience. Simply register a pass for you and your team here –

By: Casey Kwon

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