Post-Summit Report | Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit, Singapore, 28 October 2022

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This Time in Singapore

That’s a wrap on the Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit! A huge thank you to all our great speakers, sponsors, attendees, and partners.

The Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit on 28 October 2022 was a part of the CXO Innovation summit featuring 15+ C-suite speakers delivering high-quality content and networking & discussion between 60+ industry thought leaders. The event also ran parallel to the Chief Transformation Officer Summit at the same venue same time.

At a glance of our interactive panel discussion session, we discussed:

  • CX Challenges: How to Roadmap a Single Customer View to Humanise Customer Experience
  • CX Insights: How to Drive Customer, Employee and Brand Experience Innovations
  • CX Values: How to Position Your CX Strategies to Align with Branding and Values Proposition
  • CX Forecast: How to Embark on a Customer Experience Transformation

One of the many benefits of an in-person summit comes from the audience’s ability to engage directly with thought-leader speakers during the Q&A sessions. At the summit we had 30+ questions come in during the interactive panel discussions. Thank you to all the curious minds out there!

Here are some notable takeaways:

Customer values are always changing. Best to build our brand strategies to be dynamic and responsive.”Caroline Leong, Chief Customer Officer, TEEG

Brands need to unlock deeper consumer insights to arrive at a winning value proposition.” – Ramesh Yadav, Chief Marketing Officer, Baidyanath Group

Personalisation is becoming more of an expectation for consumers. This will require more “T” shaped talent for employees.” – Alex Cringle, Chief Product Officer, Stashaway

The takeaway from Melisa Teoh, Chief Operating Officer, MyDoc is an indicative one to conclude the morning panel sessions:

  • CX is about creating value where and when it matters.
  • Stand in the shoes of the customer and employee. Empathy is key to managing CX.
  • Lead by example. Ultimately, CX is leadership’s job number 1.
  • Everyone is responsible. Every employee in the company and every partner’s employees influences the customer experience along the journey.
  • Be informed by data
  • Simple processes. Long form policies don’t work. Culture works.

Roundtable Sessions

After lunch, we organised two sessions of roundtable discussion on the topics:

  1. Boosting Customer Experience (CX) through messaging to thrive in the digital-first world
  2. Be the Smarter, Faster, Customer-First Growth Leader

Everyone participated in facilitated interactive roundtable discussions with peers in groups of 8. They discussed and shared thoughts and stories with other attendees in a roundtable setting. Each table presented their findings and key takeaways to the entire room.

Thank you!

Once again, thanks to everyone who joined us at The Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit and shared a moment of learning and networking with us.

Last but not least, we’ll be back in Singapore in 2023 but we’re also landing on a new destination in 2023 – LONDON! Check out:

The CXO Innovation Team is delighted to have hosted an elite and engaging community once again. Stay tuned for more to come by following our social media accounts.

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By: Teddy Fung, November 2022

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