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With more consumers being conscious of their data being shared, how do you overcome this?

Relevant content, offers and personalised journeys are the key. Spamming them will only prevent them to engage with your brand.

How do you pick the right channel to communicate effectively with your customers?

Knowing the preferred channel explicitly from a customer is the answer. If you cannot do it use the propensities based on the past data.

What is the role of social selling in the customer journey?

Social selling is vital as it provides third party view and also build better trust.

What are the opportunities for digitising the experience and lifecycle of existing customers (vs new buyers)?

By hyper personalisation using the current data and driving follow ups.

How do you best maintain customer loyalty among the fierce competition in the mobile world?

By sticking to the brand promise is the basis for everything.

If you had to compromise one aspect of CX among content, UX and SEO, which would be the one you’d rather sacrifice for the greater cause and why?

SEO may be the one that will fall off as having ability to maintain UX in a consistent fashion.

Will customers be put off with brands that don’t use hyper-personalisation?


How has chatbots changed your approach to customer engagement and retention?

Using chatbots with contextual and engagement and contextualisation is key. Chatbots are to provide more humane experience and cannot be an IVR replacement.

Do you believe that employee experience directly affects customer experience?

Yes! CX should be consistent on line and offline.

Is adopting a company-wide customer-centric approach a must for truly seamless customer service?

Yes, every department should align and adopt the customer-centric approach for this strategy to be a success.

Which digital tools, new and old, do you think are the best to tell your story?

– Blogs

– Digital communities

– Webinars


– Video marketing

– Social media

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