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Which digital tools, new and old, do you think are the best to tell your story?

  • Blogs; Weekly/Monthly Newsletters; Podcasts; Articles; Video Marketing; Social Media

Is adopting a company-wide customer-centric approach a must for truly seamless customer service?

  • Yes, every department should align and adopt the customer-centric approach for this strategy to be a success.

How do you pick the right channel to communicate effectively with your customers?

  • We analyze the customer behaviour and level of engagement in the different channels to adjust and hyper-personalize our communications using the right channel, for the right person at the right moment.

Will customers be put off with brands that don’t use hyper-personalisation?

  • Yes, they will! Mass Marketing is dead for 5 years (at least!).

How do you best maintain customer loyalty among the fierce competition?

  1. Listen to customers: their needs & challenges
  2. Take into consideration the customer’s feedback
  3. Innovate constantly

How does employee experience directly affect customer experience?

  • It is simple. If an employee is not happy and not engaged in his job, it will affect his quality of work, the work he delivers to customers and impacts the customer experience.

What are the fundamental metrics that we should look at to monitor CX?

I see the Top 5 metrics to monitor CX:

  1. NPS
  2. Customer Engagement
  3. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  4. Customer Retention
  5. Churn Rate

Besides NPS, what are some other key metrics/ data points which can lead to better CX understanding?

  • NPS is no longer the only KPI to look at for improving the Customer Experience. The Customer of Voice matters and takes into consideration any customer feedback: Level of Product Use, Reviews on customer advocacy sites and any Customer Survey results.

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