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How is your industry preparing for an AI-Centric world?

By identifying and building AI/ML Use cases. 

How do you pick the right partners to accelerate digital transformation?

By identifying the right skills needed.  

What are the top challenges in your business transformation process?

Lack of skills and resistance to change. 

How can companies ensure “customer-centricity” across mobile devices as they digitally transform?

By building master data management capabilities. 

Do you expect certain uses of technology to decline after the pandemic?

Less Video conferencing and more face-to-face meetings. 

What are the biggest changes you expect in how industries will operate in the future?

Industries will be moving towards data driven culture. Core business will be to manage data and monetize. 

What will be the next evolution of advanced tech that we can expect in the coming years?

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence & IoT. 

What do you think are the biggest challenges organisations face in the adoption of disruptive technologies?

Lack of Skills and Resistance to change. 

How do you achieve successful change management and shifts in culture, mindset and behaviours to adopt new digital tools (especially in large organisation)?

Drive it Top Down.  

How is the way data is now being collected and shared by marketers impacting the digital transformation roadmaps in their organisations or the industry?

Data Privacy have to be managed. 

What other aspects during transformation needs to be addressed beyond digital competence?

Data Management and Change Management. 

For those who haven’t fully embraced the digital world, is it fundamental to future success?

Yes, you have to go digital one way or another if you want to survive. 

What are the typical aspects that undermines a CTO?

Speed to Technology change. 

How has your approach to transformation changed due to new tools and solutions?

AI/ML has brought new approach to solutions. Repeated tasks can be automated. Machines to predict next best actions. 

How do you best manage top level members of a business who are resistant to change?

By adding it as a KPI in their annual performance reviews. 

When redesigning a business model, what is the best way to filter out the various inputs from different departments?

By communicating the benefits and on-boarding them.  

How do you decide a change would be beneficial rather than disruptive?

By building prototypes.  

What is the best way to incorporate agile ways of working to accelerate transformation?

By building agility at enterprise level. 

How do you maintain a powerful and sustained change?

Top-Down approach and change management. 

How important is it for all departments to learn each other’s digital transformation? Particularly those are more traditionally siloed.

It’s important to know so that it can be replicated. 

Should each department have their own “change/culture ambassador?”

It should be Enterprise-wide approach. Each department can have an ambassador. 

How do you make a rational and emotional case for a change?

Via Change Management including Training and communications. 

What do you think are the biggest challenges organisations face in the adoption of AI?

Lack of knowledge/expertise to use AI & Traditional mindset of top management. 

How do you ensure seamless company-wide collaboration?

Digital Transformation should be Top-down approach. 

With the rise of AI, should you add in-house capabilities or outsource to specialists?

Add in-house capability to Design and Architect. Execution can be outsourced to specialists. 

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