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With more consumers being conscious of their data being shared, how do you overcome this?  

I think we don’t need to “overcome” the fact that more consumers are now conscious of their data being shared. It should have been a default that the industry has driven in the first place. I think customers would be more than willing to share data with brands that they trust or products/services that they actually use. So, I guess beyond fancy marketing and communications “strategies”, having an actual working business model that actually answers a real need or demand in the market could solve a lot of pseudo-challenges in CX.  

Which digital tools, new and old, do you think are the best to tell your story?  

 – Blogs 

– Articles  

– Video marketing  


– Digital communities  

– Reports  

– Social media  

What are the opportunities for digitising the experience and lifecycle of existing customers (vs new buyers)?  

Since we are a digital service provider, we kind of required ourselves to make sure that every part of our operations is enabled by digital components so digitizing the experience and lifecycle of customers is a default setting for us. So, I guess one really noticeable opportunity about this is that it removed the need for us to non-essential chit-chat with clients just so we can “maintain relationships” with them.   

Since the digital components of every process in the CX allowed us to collect necessary information about our clients and customers, we create business by actually talking about business and doing business. And we and our clients get to have fun when both of us really want to have fun with each other. We don’t have to require anyone to participate in pseudo-social activities in the hopes of it generating business. For me, that’s one of the best thing digital transformation has helped the overall CX. Guided by human design, digitization allowed us to clear the line between work and life and focus on the right things at the right time. I think that’s fun.  

How do you best maintain customer loyalty among the fierce competition in the mobile world?  

Something I find weird about conversations about customer loyalty is I often hear things like promos or incentives for this. For sure there’s nothing wrong with that but I think for a customer to remain a customer, at the core, is for the service or product to remain relevant in addressing the actual needs of the customers. It’s quite possible to not really have to compete if we know where to play or where our position is in the market. I think this year somehow showed us that if an organization or individual doesn’t supply something that really has demand, that might not be a nice spend. I think a lot of these fancy terms trending in the field may have possibly distracted us from keeping the basic components of business strategy and economics in mind.  

Will customers be put off with brands that don’t use hyper-personalisation?  

Maybe companies that don’t do hyper-personalization won’t really “put off” their customers. But for sure, those who do (hyper-personalization) are getting more opportunities, not just in sales. The method allows streamlining of a whole company’s process since every department now knows what to really focus on. Really understanding the customers can really drive revenue growth. Both profit and savings.  

Do you believe that employee experience directly affects customer experience?  

For sure. I think the brand and customer experience are two completely different but definitely closely related things that accompany each other to form the identity of a business or individual. The brand experience (which folds in the employee experience) defines the intents and ideas of an entity and the customer experience defines how those things are perceived by external stakeholders.   

Each experience affect each other. The customer experience could define or redefine the whole brand experience and vice versa. Some sort of (possibly) symbiotic relationship that forms an ecosystem of experiences that could be good or bad to each other. But for sure, each side needs to consider the other.  

Is adopting a company-wide customer-centric approach a must for truly seamless customer service?  

Yes, every department should align and adopt the customer-centric approach for this strategy to be a success. 

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