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How do you pick the right partners to accelerate digital transformation?

The right partner to accelerate digital transformation is a mix of organisational consultancy and IT companies. I don’t think there is such an organisation at the moment and therefore a heterogeneous team of experts needs to be formed.

How can companies ensure “customer-centricity” across mobile devices as they digitally transform?

Digital diffusion is a real phenomenon, and it is happening now. As in the chemistry or biology field, digital diffusion is contaminating every aspect of consumers behaviour and is changing market demands. Better to put humans on stage. Stop talking about Customer Experience and start talking about Human Experience. The following will be natural.

What are the biggest changes you expect in how industries will operate in the future?

The shift toward ecosystem orchestration will be the biggest challenge for companies. Currently, we talk about the supply chain, suppliers, customers and employee. We must start talking about ecosystem and stakeholders. It could look the same, but the differences are profound.

For those who haven’t fully embraced the digital world, is it fundamental to future success?

Yes, you have to go digital one way or another if you want to survive.

How has your approach to transformation changed due to new tools and solutions?

Heavily changed. Technology is no more a function of your business; it is your business!

What do you think are the biggest challenges organisations face in the adoption of AI?

Lack of knowledge/expertise to use AI.

With the rise of AI, should you add in-house capabilities or outsource to specialists?

In-house capabilities to discover features needed; outsource the development process.

What will be the next evolution of advanced tech that we can expect in the coming years?

– Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
– Blockchain
– IoT

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