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What do you think are the biggest challenges organisations face in the adoption of AI?

  • Lack of knowledge/expertise to use AI
  • Budget restrictions

What will be the next evolution of advanced tech that we can expect in the coming years?

  • Brain-Computer Interface
  • NFTs
  • IoT

For those who haven’t fully embraced the digital world, is it fundamental to future success?

  • Yes, you have to go digital one way or another if you want to survive.

How is your industry preparing for an AI-Centric world?

  • It’s in progressing stage, adopting more than one customer segment.

How do you pick the right partners to accelerate digital transformation?

  • Based on the similarity of vision and adoption of technology advancement

What are the top challenges in your business transformation process?

  • Limited resources with the right experience and knowledge

What aspect(s) of business should companies prioritise as they digitally transform? Why?

  • Integrating between cross products solution to come up with a more comprehensive offering based on each customer and persona

Do you expect certain uses of technology to decline in the near future?

  • Yes, such as on-prem mainframe and monolithic approach

What are the biggest changes you expect in how industries will operate in the future?

  • Open banking that will accelerate ecosystem development

What do you think are the biggest challenges organisations face in the adoption of disruptive technologies?

  • The lack of understanding and believing in the stability of the technology

How do you achieve successful change management and shifts in culture, mindset and behaviours to adopt new digital tools?

  • By continuous communications through champions and management push

What other aspects during transformation need to be addressed beyond digital competence?

  • People management, customer management and project delivery competencies

What are the typical aspects that undermine a CTO?

  • Continuous changes to break the habit and embrace new solutions while maintaining operation and enhancing security

How has your approach to transformation changed due to new tools and solutions?

  • Through pilot and modular approach.

How do you best manage top-level members of a business who are resistant to change?

  • By open communication and listening to their concerns, and addressing them properly

When redesigning a business model, what is the best way to filter out the various inputs from different departments?

  • By detailing and breakdown all processes clearly

How do you decide a change would be beneficial rather than disruptive?

  • By doing pilot, research, survey, competitor analysis and listening to customer’s voice

What is the best way to incorporate agile ways of working to accelerate transformation?

  • From the top management drive and support

How do you make a rational and emotional case for a change?

  • We always do a prioritization analysis and compare between benefits and effort required. This exercise is always including various stakeholders.

How do you ensure seamless company-wide collaboration?

  • By establishing governance and regular monitoring for collaboration improvement

Do you have any advice on how to create an environment for employees to share more?

  • By creating competition and interesting award for best ideas/feedback

What are the key success factors for the implementation of digital transformation by different industries?

  • Strong sponsorship from all C-level and also shareholders

How do you keep pace with rapid obsolescence in technology? And how do you figure out stuff which will be relevant from the future perspective and have longevity from an investment perspective?

  • By having a proper obsolescence plan and strong delivery capability

What are the challenges your organization faces in people up-skilling, which becomes one of the basic needs to drive complex transformation?

  • Moving out people from their day-to-day activities to join up-skilling events

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