Chief Marketing Officer Roundtable - Storyteq

Uncomfortable MarTech Creative Production Questions you Should Ask…...But Don’t

November 2022 | 133 Houndsditch, etc.venues, London | #ChiefMarketing

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[Marketing Ops] Uncomfortable MarTech Creative Production Questions you Should Ask…...But Don’t

The CMO Roundtable discussion will focus on three key areas, namely people, process, and platforms.

People – why are our key stakeholders not aligned?
Process – why is our creative production process broken and out of date?
Platforms – why do we have many, many, many platforms to run our marketing operations?

Firstly, the participants will explore the reasons why the key stakeholders are not aligned and identify ways to address this issue. Then the discussion will delve into the creative production process and determine why it is broken and out of date.

The participants will brainstorm solutions to revamp the process and ensure its efficiency. Lastly, the group will examine the challenges associated with having numerous platforms to run marketing operations and seek ways to streamline them to enhance overall effectiveness.

The roundtable promises to be an informative and productive session that will yield actionable insights to improve the organisation’s marketing operations.

This Roundtable has concluded. Please contact us at for more information about customising your CXO Roundtable.

The CMO Roundtable has a limited 15 seats for Senior-Level Industry Leaders from the field of Customer Experience, Customer Services, Operation Services and Digital Transformation from major brands who are based in the UK. Please apply for your seats below, our team will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your place.

Event Agenda


Guido Derkx

Chief Commercial Officer, Storyteq

Guido Derkx, Chief Commercial Officer at Storyteq, has been with the company since its 2016 origins in his home country of the Netherlands. As the need for content increases, Guido is dedicated to automating the way multiple versions of creative assets are reproduced, affording creative people more time to work on new ideas. After earning his commercial and business stripes in other industries, he decided to further explore his fascination for making things better and simpler within the creative industry. He drove Storyteq’s transition from a video production agency to a Creative Automation platform, after the then five-person agency noticed the problem themselves of painstakingly creating many versions of the same piece of product advertising. Guido is now again one of those faces at the helm of Storyteq’s latest expansion, which offers a one-of-a-kind solution that not only scales creative production but provides a system for the planning and optimization stages of a campaign across workflows, departments, and all marketing operations.

John Kirk

Chief Strategy Officer, Storyteq

John Kirk, Chief Strategy Officer at Storyteq, has spent over 10 years deeply immersed in the arena of technology-led marketing and content operations for major retail and brand customers across all sectors, globally. John’s focus (and personal passion) is working with clients and industry analysts on directing and driving marketing ecosystem maturity to deliver tangible user and enterprise value, with high levels of technology adoption. John spent many years travelling worldwide with Alliance Manchester Business School to deliver workshops on Strategic Management on the Global MBA program. Here he trained hundreds of senior managers and directors from many leading global consultancies and enterprises. More recently, John was Team ITG’s program director and technology lead supporting GSK’s Consumer Healthcare (now Haleon) digital and marcomm transformation project, which won the Gartner Communications Award 2022 for ‘Excellence in MarComm Technology’.

Dan Birks

Director, Team ITG

Dan Birks is a Director at Team ITG and has spent over 20 years within marketing services, focused on technology-led marketing and content operations. Dan’s focus is on ensuring new models, platforms and technologies ultimately deliver an improved day-to-day process for marketers, resulting in outputs that are delivered more quickly, with more impact and at a lower cost. Dan has worked primarily in global roles within marketing services organisations supporting large brands to ensure new marketing services operating models, and particularly the enabling technology, is delivered practically and successfully.

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