Chief Customer Experience Officer Roundtable

Orchestrating a Culture of Customer Experience Excellence

2024 | Singapore | #ChiefCX

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In the ever-changing business landscape, the key to sustainable success lies in cultivating a customer-centric culture. To explore the nuances of this transformative journey, industry leaders and experts gathered in this roundtable titled “Knitting Customer and Employee Experiences Together to Scale Customer Centricity Cultures”.

This insightful session delved into the symbiotic relationship between customer and employee experiences and how organisations can weave them together to foster a culture centred around the customer.

1. Nurturing a Customer-Centric Culture
2. Aligning Employee Experiences with Customer Needs
3. Breaking Silos: Integrating Departments for Seamless Experiences
4. Technological Enablers of Customer-Centricity
5. Empowering Employees as Customer Advocates

This Chief Customer Experience (CX) Officer Roundtable has a limited seating of 15, and is suitable for Chief CX/Customer/Innovation/Operating and Revenue Officers to attend.

This CXO roundtable is available to be customised and sponsored in 2024. Please contact for more information

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