Chief Transformation Officer Roundtable

Transforming ways of working to unlock productivity

February 2024 | The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong | #ChiefTransformation

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The future of work is at an inflection point. The economic outlook is uncertain, and companies are having to do more with less. Businesses are experiencing the effects now. The world is working differently, and the traditional ways previously used to drive productivity can’t scale to meet the demands of this moment as companies fear the loss of culture, degrading performance, and retention.

It is imperative for business and digital leaders to think beyond how work itself is getting done within their organization and develop new ways of working to increase productivity and future-proof their business. Leaders must act swiftly and decisively, fostering an environment conducive to productivity, open innovation, and employee satisfaction through technology and modern ways of working.

This roundtable will look at addressing the following issues:

  • Why are employee productivity and engagement the key to competitive and customer success? How can leaders drive engagement?
  • What challenges do companies face in today’s workplace? How can leaders reimagine leadership and management in this new environment?
  • How can companies develop the tools, infrastructure, and culture required for digital-first work?
  • This Chief Transformation Officer Roundtable has a limited seating of 12, and is suitable for Chief Transformation/ Digital/ Information/ Technology Officer and other Business Decision Makers to attend.

    This CXO roundtable is available to be customised and sponsored in H1 2024. Please contact for more information

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    The Roundtable

    The CXO roundtable is an exclusive and prestigious gathering of top-level executives representing a diverse range of industries and sectors. 

    It serves as a platform for industry leaders to explore innovative approaches to common challenges, exchange ideas on how to navigate the rapidly changing business landscape, and fostering potential future collaboration.

    These in-person discussions usually last between 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours and will take place in upscale dining venues around the world, offering an environment conducive to open and confidential discussions. Attendees may include C-suite executives, VPs and Division Heads who hold significant decision-making power within their organisations. The size of the roundtable can vary, but it is typically limited to a small group of 8 to 15 participants to ensure meaningful interactions and focused conversations.

    The Roundtable can take place both in person and virtually, targeting decision makers from Europe and APAC regions.

    To find out more, please email